Supplementation is increasingly important in your pursuit of health and wellness.

First and foremost, we remain absolutely convinced of the lifelong benefits of high quality, pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 fish oils.   After years of research and brand comparison, we are equally convinced that Nordic Naturals provides the very best Omega 3 we can offer our patients.

The tremendous benefits of Omega 3s are far reaching.  From altering the way your body deals with breaking down carbohydrates, decreasing interstitial inflammation and heart disease to enhancing brain function, Omega 3 is a must!    It holds amazing benefits in post traumatic healing, brain healing in TBI cases and post concussion patients as well.   I could write pages on the benefits of Omega 3 for the young and old alike.

Nordic Naturals’ fish oils are known all over the world as the freshest and purest oils available.

We are also willing to special order items to best serve your individual needs.

Vitamin D is another tremendous and powerful immune boosting vitamin we are often deficient of living here in the Northwest.  We can perform a ‘blood spot’ analysis in the office and send these results away for your serum vitamin D levels.   Getting your serum D adjusted to the correct levels can greatly affect your health and wellness.

Probiotics remain absolutely essential to the health of your all important microbiome, or the microbial flora of your intestines.   Research shows the health of your microbiome is absolutely related to your overall degree of wellness.  It’s directly related to your immune response and your ability to properly digest and absorb the nutrients your diet provides.    High quality Probiotics are also offered in our office.

Beyond these three offerings, we typically make recommendations regarding your additional supplementation needs and where to shop to find them.   Additional supplements like Magnesium Malate,  Coconut oil, Vitamin C, B or others are made specifically on a case by case basis.