Digital X-RAY

This “state of the art” digital technology is the best the market has to offer, eliminating the need for traditional x-rays. Exposure times are dramatically reduced and the image quality is significantly improved.   If needed, we can send you with digital images of your x-ray within minutes. We invested in this technology to serve you better.

Flexion / Distraction Table

This mechanic table allows varying degrees of passive motion while the patient relaxes without muscle engagement.   A form of Neuromuscular Re-Education, this modality provides a ‘pumping’ and distraction of lumbar joints and inflamed or bulging lumbar disc conditions.

Dermo-Thermograph  (DTG)

We rarely take x-rays of children, unless there has been a significant trauma where it is unavoidable.  The DTG however is another tool we can utilize for analysis of children.  This infrared technology allows us to scan the spine and identify hot and cold areas – areas of vasoconstriction or vasodilation.   Another non invasive technology to inform us a bit more about the patient.