Dr. Brian Petersen

Dr. Brian Petersen graduated locally from North Mason High School. He attended Central Washington University prior to enrolling at Life Chiropractic College West in San Leandro, CA. Upon attaining his Doctorate, Dr. Brian returned to his hometown to open his practice in 1992.

Dr. Petersen has built a vibrant family practice based on the principle of “loving, giving and serving”. He has a passion for his profession and his patients.

Dr. Brian is actively involved in his community. He was instrumental in establishing the Boys & Girls Club in Mason County and supports various local educational programs. Dr. Brian helped form the Belfair Public Art Society which is responsible for the murals in and around Belfair. He chaired the Belfair Sub-Area Planning Committee and has been directly involved in the campaign to bring Urgent Care to Belfair.

Dr. Brian has served on the Washington State Chiropractic Board for a three-year term including President of the Board for the state association. As a result of his extensive civic involvement, he was the recipient of the North Mason Chamber of Commerce “Citizen of the Year” award. He was also nominated for the “Washington State Jefferson Award” for community service.

Dr. Brian lives in Belfair with his wife, Jacquie. They have two daughters currently in college overseas.