Welcome to Petersen Chiropractic! If you are not already a patient in our office, we hope you will want to stop in and see us after visiting our website and learning a bit more about what we do and how we do it. At our office, the people who come through our doors are more than just patients to us. We take the time to get to know you and your loved ones and welcome you into our chiropractic family. At this point in my career I see people I’ve been blessed to care for- approaching 32 years at this point. Caring for infants, toddlers and adolescent children, and now caring for those grown kids and their children in my office; it’s all so very rewarding! Those life-long relationships develop as a result of love, passion, trust and most importantly, results.

Our Doctor and staff are the friendliest bunch you’ll find… but more importantly, we are extremely good at what we do! Dr. Brian is absolutely passionate about touching people’s lives through Chiropractic. His love of health sciences and his approach as a life-long learner has kept him on the ‘cutting edge’ of advancements in Chiropractic and healthcare. Our investment in ‘state of the art’ digital x-ray equipment as well as the Doctor’s rigorous continuing education seminar schedule remain ongoing examples of his commitment to stay on the leading edge of healthcare in order to provide the absolute best approach to our patients. Again, he’s achieved amazing results for years. Check out our testimonials to read about what some of our patients have said about the care they have received!